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Frequently Asked Questions – The TH App


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The Taksi Helsinki app contains a number of useful features. To access them, first register with the service. If you have already registered, just sign in with your username and password.


How do I store my information in the app?

First enter your contact information. Your email address serves as your username. Your name and phone number will help you and the taxi driver find each other and ensure that the taxi is the one ordered specifically for you.


Credit/Debit Card Details

When you add your credit/debit card details to your account, you can pay your taxi fare automatically without even bringing your wallet with you. You can add two separate credit/debit cards and a Taksi Helsinki payment card to your account and select which one you want to use when you place your order. You can give your credit/debit cards any name you want in the app.

Note that the application also accepts debit cards. If you have a combined credit/debit card, the debit number is usually printed on the back of the card. To make sure you can use the application, please check that your online banking settings allow you to make purchases online. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.


Can I trust that my payment data will remain confidential?

Payment data is stored in the system of our payment service provider, Nets. Taksi Helsinki does not see your payment data at any stage.


Can I just pay the driver for the ride by cash or card?

You can select the "payment in taxi” method for a ride if you do not want to use any of the cards you have added to the app. This is also useful if you order a taxi for someone else and do not wish to pay for the ride on their behalf. The ride will then be paid in the typical manner, i.e., by the passenger upon arrival at the destination.

Can I make a pre-order?

Yes you can. You can choose pre-order from order options. The order should be placed up to two weeks in advance but no later than a half hour before desired departure time. Pre-orders are subject a surcharge of € 6.90, which is added on top of the normal taxi fare.

How do I order a taxi?

The app locates you automatically. You can also further refine your location on a map, type in your address, or choose an address from your order history or favourites. Since mobile phone positioning data is not always accurate, you can improve positioning accuracy considerably by keeping your phone's wifi connection switched on.

When you enter your destination address, you can get an estimate of the length, price and duration of the taxi ride.

You can order a sedan, a minivan or a station wagon. If you have a specific request (a taxi with a baby seat, a taxi for the disabled, a taxi where accompanying pets are allowed, etc.), please contact the taxi dispatch centre directly at +358 (0) 100 0700.


How much does it cost to order a taxi?

Ordering is free. In certain situations, a normal taxi order is not possible (eg unregistered Windows Phone customers or old versions of the application). In these cases order will be confirmed by an SMS message that costs € 2.50.


Can I review the information I entered before I actually order the taxi?

A summary of your order is displayed before it is sent. Please remember to check the address with particular care! When you are satisfied with your selections, confirm the order. The order is then sent to the Taksi Helsinki ordering system.


How do I know that a taxi is on its way?

Once an available taxi has accepted your order, you can monitor the taxi's arrival on the map. The app lets you know the number of the taxi, the make of the car, and the estimated arrival time. If needed, you can also call the driver to provide additional instructions on how to reach your pick-up spot.

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