Service Description and Terms of Use

Service Description and Terms of Use


By using this service, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

You can order a taxi in Helsinki Metropolitan area and follow up taxi's route on the map and you can also pay the trip with Taksi Helsinki application! In order to use all the great features you need to register your personal information including your payment card details. When you order a taxi with Taksi Helsinki application you can be sure that you get a taxi which is legal, safe and of high quality. The taxi meter is calibrated and sealed, and the fares installed in the meter comply with the relevant Government Decree. The driver of a legal taxi is always a person who has a commercial driving licence issued by the Finnish police authority. Taksi Helsinki application is provided by Taksi Helsinki Oy.

Customer understands that by using the application she accepts that orders are made based on the address sent by her and customer has no rights for compensation if the address was incorrect. Customer understands and accepts that the address generated by GSM positioning might not be excatly correct and customer always needs to verify the address proposed by the application.

Only registered users can use all the application features! During the registration customer types her name, mobile phone number, e-mail address and payment card details and also defines a password. Payment card information is stored only on payment service broker's (Nets Finland Oy) systems i.e. Taksi Helsinki Oy is not storing any payment card data on Taksi Helsinki Oy systems. Registration and ordering a taxi is free (excluding SMS-order, which is used in case customer's phone number is unverified and she/he has not registered a valid payment card to the service).

Taxi service rates are defined and confirmed annually by the Council of State Customer needs to understand that the fare estimate displayed on the application screen before the trip is only the best estimate and the actual fare is calculated by the taxi meter. Payment card is verified with 20€ authorization hold before the actual order is made. Authorization hold is released right after the order is made. Fare price is charged automatically after the trip from customers payment card (paying at the taxi is also an option) and receipt is sent to customer's e-mail address or optionally to electronical receipt handling service like eTasku. In case payment card charging cannot be done an invoice is sent to customers e-mail address. Taksi Helsinki Oy is charging all extra collection costs from the customer.

Mobile data connection is needed by the application and extra data charges may apply. The user is responsible for the data she provides being correct. Any abuse may lead to blocking of the service and claims for damages. A fee of 10 euros may be charged for every ordered trip that is not taken. Commercial use of the application is prohibited. A third party may not be charged by the customer for trips ordered with the application.

The service is provided without commitment. Taksi Helsinki Oy is not liable for any direct or indirect damage or expense arising from the failure or malfunctioning of the service.

Users are registered by their e-mail address. The service records information on ordered trips and feedback; see the customer identity registration description below. To ensure the quality of the service the user’s phone number is sent to the taxi providing the service after the order is made.

These terms of use are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion.


Identity Registration Description

The register is maintained by Taksi Helsinki Oy (0838031-9), Ratamestarinkatu 7 B, 00520 Helsinki. Puh. 09 8770 2400,

The name of the register is "Taksi Helsinki -sovelluksen asiakasrekisteri".

The personal data is collected to provide the service that customers have ordered with Taksi Helsinki application, to improve the service and to maintain customer relationship. Users’ phone numbers and the data relating to the trips are recorded in the register. User feedback about the service may also be collected. The registered data is collected during the use of Taksi Helsinki application.

Registered personal data can be handed over to the authorities in compliance with current legislation.

Taksi Helsinki Oy has rights to use and hand over registered data for legitimate purposes (like direct marketing, distance selling and market research) according to Personal Data Act. Registered persons can forbid the use of their registered data for marketing and market research by informing Taksi Helsinki Oy.

Information about individual orders made through the application will be sent to Taksi Helsinki call centre and to taxi cars on the area. The information is conveyed solely to the extent necessary for the provision of the service. For instance the driver is asking the name of the client to verify that the client entering the taxi really is the person who made the order. The driver can also call to client's mobile phone if needed.

The register data are not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, although some of the servers used by the app may be located outside of these.

Access to the register information is granted solely if necessary for its processing and requires an access right. Under the Personal Data Act, Section 26, any registered person is entitled to check the data involving him or her that has been recorded in the register. A written and signed request for checking should be sent to

Taksi Helsinki Oy
Tarkastuspyyntö / Henkilörekisterin tiedot / Taksi Helsinki sovellus
Ratamestarinkatu 7 B
00520 Helsinki


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