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Terms of use for the Taksi Helsinki app

By activating this feature and registering your personal data such as a telephone number and/or email address with the app, you accept the following terms.

1. The service is offered to you for free for your personal use, and the service can be used to book a taxi in the capital region, track your taxi on the map, and pay for the taxi journey. In order for you to take full advantage of all of the new features, first register your details and a payment card with the service. By booking a taxi through the Taksi Helsinki app, you will ensure that you get a safe, high-quality, and authorised taxi. The taxi has a sealed fare meter, which runs in accordance with Taksi Helsinki Oy’s price list. An authorised taxi is always driven by a person with a professional driving licence issued by the police. The Taksi Helsinki app is provided by Taksi Helsinki Oy.

You understand that by using the app, you accept that bookings will be made based on the address that you submit, and that you will not be entitled to a refund or reimbursement if a booking is sent from the wrong address. You understand and accept that data based on GPS and a mobile phone mast/cellular location does not always give a completely accurate address, and you understand and accept that you must check the address suggested by the app every time you place a booking.

The details of payment cards registered with the service are only saved in the mobile payment solution provider’s (Nets Finland Oy) system, and Taksi Helsinki Oy does not have access to the customer’s payment card details, nor does Taksi Helsinki Oy save payment card details in its own systems. Registration and booking a taxi using the app are both free of charge.

The price of the taxi journey is determined in accordance with Taksi Helsinki Oy’s price list. (http://www.taksihelsinki.fi/fi/taksihinnat). Please note that the price estimate displayed by the app before the journey is only the best estimate, and the actual price of the journey will be determined in accordance with the price shown on the fare meter. For fixed-price journeys, the price displayed beforehand is binding.

The app uses strong identification.

The requirement for strong identification is based on the EU’s payment services directive, PSD2. The reform aims at improving the safety of card payments and reducing the risk of misuse. In the future, card details alone will not be sufficient for paying for online purchases. Customers will also be required to identify themselves using e.g. online banking credentials, mobile ID, a one-time password sent by text message, or their fingerprint.

The customer must confirm payment for a taxi journey booked via the Taksi Helsinki app using strong identification.

When you choose payment using a payment card (debit and credit cards) in the Taksi Helsinki app, you must carry out strong identification.

2. The service’s function is dependent on the customer providing the app with accurate and precise data. Taksi Helsinki is not responsible for data submitted via the service, nor can it guarantee the quality, accuracy, or availability of the data. Taksi Helsinki is not responsible for any damages arising from or in connection with use of the service.

3. You affirm that the personal data you used to register with the service is your own data, or that you otherwise have authorisation to use the data you submitted to register (e.g. based on a power of attorney), and that the data is accurate and precise. The unauthorised use of another person’s personal data may lead to the report of a criminal offence and to statutory liability for a criminal offence and damages.

4. Use of the Taksi Helsinki app requires you to register your email address and/or your mobile phone number. Taksi Helsinki will process this data in accordance with its valid privacy policy (link below). Taksi Helsinki Oy is the controller for processing the personal data you disclose. By disclosing your data and by accepting Taksi Helsinki Oy’s privacy policy practices, you consent to Taksi Helsinki Oy processing your personal data in the manner outlined in its privacy policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Taksi Helsinki via the contact details given in the privacy policy. As Taksi Helsinki is unable to technically provide the service without your email address or mobile phone number, this service will no longer function if you withdraw your consent.

In addition to what is outlined in Taksi Helsinki’s privacy policy concerning the disclosure of personal data, the following terms also apply to the service: Taksi Helsinki may disclose your data to Taksi Helsinki’s partners. Data will only be disclosed for purposes that are outlined in Taksi Helsinki’s privacy policy. More information on how Taksi Helsinki processes your personal data, and on your rights concerning data registration, is available in Taksi Helsinki’s privacy policy.

5. You are responsible for the use of the user ID and any other data you receive from Taksi Helsinki, and you must ensure that no unauthorised persons handle the data.

6. If you erroneously receive notifications or other information that is not meant for you, you are obligated to immediately delete this information and to contact Taksi Helsinki’s customer service. You do not have the right to use or save such data for your own purposes, nor to disclose it to third parties.

7. Taksi Helsinki has the right to restrict or prevent use of the service for security reasons or if there is reason to suspect misuse of the service, such as a breach of the terms of service. A fee of 12 euros per unused journey may be charged if the user books a taxi via the service but does not embark on the taxi journey. Use of the Taksi Helsinki app is prohibited for commercial purposes; this means that the user may not charge payments from third parties for bookings made using the app.

8. Prices include VAT 10% unless otherwise mentioned. The total price of the trip is based on the start fee as well as kilometer and minute charge. Minimum charge is 12.00 euros.

9. Taksi Helsinki reserves the right to make changes or additions to these terms of service with a notice period of one (1) month. Taksi Helsinki nevertheless always has the right to make immediate changes to the terms based on legislation, decrees, official decisions, or security reasons. If you do not accept a change or addition to the terms, you must unregister from the service and stop using the service.

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