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What is the pick-up address?

Please note that the more specific a pick-up address you are able to provide, the more quickly and reliably you will have a taxi. Always make sure to specify the city. For example, the exact same address may exist in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Specifying the city avoids unnecessary confusion, as does any other additional information that can help your driver locate the correct address.

Any special requests?

Any special requests should be mentioned at the beginning of the call. Requests may include, for example, a minivan, a taxi for the disabled, a taxi equipped with a safety seat for children, a need for small goods transport only, an accompanying pet, an atypically long distance etc. Once a special request has been made, the customer's order only is only submitted to taxis that are capable of handling the request.

Our services for business customers include, for example, the Taksi Helsinki charge card, and we can provide temporary taxi stands to cater to large events.

To request more information or simply order a taxi, just call 0100 0700!

To Pre-order a Taxi

For departures early in the morning or at other specified times, we recommend ordering a taxi in advance.

To pre-order a taxi by phone, please call 0100 0600. The order should be placed no later than half hour before the desired departure time.

Pre-orders are subject to a surcharge of € 6.90, which is added on top of the normal taxi fare.

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Order Number

Each customer is given a 1 to 3 digit order number. Please write it down or keep it in mind. The number ensures that the customer is matched with the taxi that has accepted the customer's order.

The order number issued upon placement of an order is not the ID number or license plate number of the taxi, and it does not guarantee the arrival of a taxi. The order number is the number used to transmit the order to the automatic dispatch system, where any available taxi is free to pick it up.

If your ordered taxi fails to arrive

Under normal circumstances, your taxi will arrive within a few minutes. If taxi does not arrive within a reasonable time, there may be several reasons for the delay: weather conditions, traffic congestion and peak closing times of bars and night clubs can delay the processing of an order, or another customer at the same pick-up address may have accidentally taken the taxi you ordered.

If an ordered taxi has not arrived at the address within 10 minutes, or a pre-ordered taxi has not arrived by the agreed pick-up time, you should contact the dispatch centre without delay.

Responsibility of the Dispatch Centre

The dispatch centre is responsible for transmitting customer orders to drivers. Once a driver approves an order, the responsibility for providing the appropriate service is transferred to the driver.

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